How to Setup IPTV M3U Links/File on VLC Media Player, Smart TV & Kodi

Here, we have two ways to set up the free IPTV links on VLC player. The first ways are to copy and paste the given links on the VLC media player. Therefore, the second way is to download the M3U file and setup into the VLC.

Setup IPTV Links/URL/M3U File on VLC Media Player

The method by Free IPTV M3U URL/Links

  • First thing is to download and install the VLC Player from its official page.
  • Once you downloaded the file then open VLC main screen.
  • On the screen press the buttons on the keyboard >>Ctrl+N.m3u playlist
  • Then you see the Open Media screen.
  • Now you need to copy and paste the IPTV link/URL on the search box and click on the Play icon. Follow the below image to easily understand.
  • That’s it, now it loads all channels and within seconds starts the show.

A method by Free IPTV M3U File

  • The foremost step is to browse for VLC Media Player and Download.
  • Next, launch it and open VLC Player.
  • When you will open the VLC, on the screen on the top you can see the top menus.
  • In top menus select >>MEDIA and click on it.
  • Next, need to click on the >>OPEN FILE.
  • Now select the downloaded M3U File which is downloaded from this page.
  • It starts loading the channels, wait until it gets starts.
  • Now enjoy the shows which you want and you can also change your favorite channels.

List of IPTV Source/Links

Stop Error VLC Media Player from the Skipping

If you find out the error like the channel video streaming is stops for every 30 – 40 seconds. Then double hit on the Loop Play Button and stop that error.

m3u playlist

Start to Setup IPTV on your Smart TV (Samsung/LG TV)

  1. First, on your Smart tvs like Samsung or LG, search for the SMART TV application.
  2. If you visible the Smart TV App then open it. Here on the screen, you will see the message like free test trail for 7days, if you make a small donation 5.49 Euro at this website then you will get it free for lifetime.
  3. If you activated then you will get the MAC Address.
  4. Now browse to this website and enter the MAC address which you was noted or copied earlier.
  5. Next, Choose the file option and upload the M3U file.m3u playlist
  6. If you want to add IPTV links or URL then click on the Add Link and enter the reCAPTCHA.
  7. Now go back to the Smart IPTV App and RESTART it.
  8. Then it starts the channels loading.

How can I Setup M3U File or IPTV Links on Kodi

  • Open Kodi home screen and follow these steps.>>Add-ons >>My Add-ons >>Select PVR
  • Now hit on the PVR IPTV and configure it.
  • Next, under the M3U List URL box, enter your M3U file address and click to OK.
  • If your PVR IPTV is enabled then automatically it starts the loading channels.
  • If your PVR IPTV is Disables then make it as Enable.
  • Now navigate back to Kodi home screen and click on the TV icon and launch IPTV M3U playlist and view the channels.
  • If you can’t find the TV icon then go to the Settings then click on the Interface and then select Skin, in that Configure Skin and Enable the TV icon.
  • Now TV icon starts showing on the Kodi home screen.

This are the methods to setup the IPTV Links and channels on VLC Media Player, Kodi and Smart TV. Follow the entire process to setup the iptv on your PC & Windows computer. Got any errors then leave a message or comment below.


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